Maldives - Filitheyo Island Resort, Faafu Atoll                                                                                    Rooms/Villas:  125           distance from airport:  118 km                      

Maledives - Filitheyo Island Resort - RestaurantBoot


occupancy:  2 adults, 1 children             size:  95 m2, view Beach

How would you like to experience a few nights in these epic villas? They are designed in such a way to let the visitor embrace the sensation of luxury in an elegant and yet implicit manner.

Filitheyo - Deluxe Room


occupancy:  2  adults, 1 children                  size: 111 m2. view Beach

If you are thinking of having a family holiday in Maldives, a Deluxe villa like this would be nothing less than an impeccable treat. Imagine the splendor of being able to open your doors to see the infinite beach stretching ahead.


occupancy: 2 adults, 0 children       size:  146 m2, view Lagoon

These elegant villas surely are the pride of every Maldivian resort. It is particularly a speciality for couples who are on romantic honeymoons to Maldives.


If you are a lover of different tastes then a meal here in this extravagant restaurant would surely keep your taste buds tickled and yearning for more concussions of sheer exquisiteness by the experienced chefs of Filitheyo Island Resort Maldives. It is built right near the tip of the island such that you could have the best of tastes and sceneries of beyond at the same time . The evening buffets of the worldwide cuisines and favourites would be a real gastronomical delight regardless of what your taste might be.


A cold beverage is just what the evening breeze begs for. Here in this bar you get the best combinational fruit juices and smoothies. The coffee and the mojitos here are truly a speciality in this Maldivian resort. Just watch how the stars begin to gleefully shimmer for the first time after sunset and breathe in the holiday vibe that it gifts you with.


This bar is close by a Jap style pool area and this is also quite an attractive choice for a simple beverage. If you want to have a special toast, then choose from the best and most rewarding choices from the wine collection. You are sure to be impressed indeed. This is just the perfect place to make memories of a Maldivian holiday worth a cherish!m 16.00hrs to 18.00hrs

Maledives - Filitheyo Island Resort - RestaurantBoot
Superior Villa